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Marty Strangeland

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# years coaching at Renaissance Hoops: 2

Total # years coaching: 10+

Why do you enjoy coaching?: Having 10+ years of competitive coaching experience in AAU tournament scene, and has won over 30 tournament championships  among various age groups spanning from 10 and under to 16 and under.

My Inspiration: A well-known master trainer who has produced results  of improvement and progress for over hundreds of athletes in the bay area.


Favorite Athlete: Steph Curry, Jason Williams

Favorite Quote: " The best education is observing and participation"  Dead prez
Favorite Musical Artist: Jimi Hendrix, Kaytranada

My Story

Coach Marty is a highly experienced and accomplished male basketball coach who has made significant contributions both as a player and a mentor. His basketball journey began during his formative years at Woodside High School, where his love for the game was ignited. He showcased his skills and passion on the court, leaving a lasting impact on the basketball program.

Coach Marty continued to pursue his basketball dreams at Nevada Union High School, where he further refined his abilities and contributed to the team's success. His dedication, work ethic, and determination set him apart as a player, earning him respect from teammates and opponents alike.

After high school, Coach Marty continued his basketball career at Foothill College, where he continued to excel and make a name for himself. His talent, leadership qualities, and competitive spirit helped lead the team to victories and laid the foundation for his future coaching endeavors.

For the past 12 years, Coach Marty has focused his energy on coaching youth basketball teams in the Bay Area. His passion for the game and commitment to developing young athletes has resulted in numerous tournament victories and accolades. Through his coaching, he has instilled a winning mentality, teamwork, and a strong work ethic in his players, preparing them for success both on and off the court.

Coach Marty coaching style is characterized by his ability to motivate and inspire his players to reach their full potential. He values the importance of skill development, strategic thinking, and sportsmanship, ensuring that his players not only become better basketball players but also well-rounded individuals.

As a respected figure in the basketball community, Coach Marty continues to make a positive impact on the lives of his players.

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