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Casey Chow

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# Year(s) coaching at Renaissance Hoops: 1


Total # years coaching: 8

Why do you enjoy coaching?: I love being able to impart the knowledge I have and seeing others apply what they’ve learned to demonstrate growth. Seeing the pride in others applying what they’ve learned from my coaching inspires me to teach others. I also learn from those I coach. Therefore, the more athletes and coaches I come across, the more I get to learn as well.


My Inspiration: Seeing the joy from my teams when they succeed, some not so great coaching experiences as a player and assistant, my love for the game, and being very competitive.



Favorite Athlete: Stephen curry, Damian Lillard, Christian McCaffrey

Favorite Quote: "The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday." - Anonymous
Favorite Musical Artist: J Cole

Favorite Lyric: Should I feel an ounce of guilt that I outdid all my peers? Or write my name in the sky and show them haters I'm here?

My Story

Coach Casey’s love for basketball started as a young boy, around 2nd or 3rd grade. While his playing career officially ended at Lowell High School, his skills and knowledge of the game allowed him to continue playing and pursuing basketball roles- practice team at UC Irvine, assist in training sessions with NBA and overseas players under Jordan Lawley, team assistant for Melbourne United during NBA preseason, Graduate Assistant Coach at Long Beach State, and currently Head JV coach at Crystal Springs Upland School.


Coach Casey’s educational background of sport and exercise psychology allows him to provide a unique style of coaching. While he focuses on basketball fundamentals and developing skills, Coach Casey also does his best to teach his athletes the importance of being mentally resilient, how to apply mental skills, and most importantly to him, accountability. Without mentally strong athletes, a team will not be able to grow together and develop a proper culture.


In his current coaching role at Crystal Springs, Coach Casey has been developing the JV team’s program the last two years, introducing a more professional approach to practices and competitions; skills he learned while working with collegiate and professional teams. Coach Casey provided scouting reports, film sessions, and dedicated practices scouting other teams to prepare for competitions. In doing so, the program has seen a massive shift in culture and win rate within league. Coach Casey hopes to bring this level of professionalism to Renaissance basketball to prepare athletes to compete at the next level.  


Coach Casey aspires to one day coach at the collegiate or professional level. He intends to continue developing his coaching skills through Renaissance Hoops while positively impacting athletes on and off the court. Coach Casey is not an easy coach to play for as he constantly pushes his players. But through his leadership, he hopes to make basketball an exciting learning experience, while competing at the highest level, to the best of one’s abilities.

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